America: I Too

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) video, America; I Too, is the second short film in CHIRLA’s Know Your Rights series, and stars Academy Award nominee Barkhad Abdi. The dramatic narrative revolves around three undocumented immigrants who are arrested and who attempt to navigate the system in an effort to protect their constitutional rights and prevent deportation.

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CHIRLA Know Your Rights Video

Official Know Your Rights video produced by the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of L.A., shows you your rights in case of a raid by immigration authorities or a police intervention.

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Immigrant and Refugee Children

Guide compiled by United We Dream, National Immigration Law Center, First focus, and the AFT. Includes Educators’ FAQs, info on the deportation process, and student and family rights.

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Information for families of a detained immigrant

Details and important telephone numbers to find someone in a U.S. Immigration Detention.


Information to support immigrant students in enrolling in higher ed.

List of colleges and universities where undocumented can apply to higher ed and where they are eligible for financial aid.


Immigration relief questionnaire

Online tool that screens that screens for common forms of immigration relief.


Legal rights

Resources and info about legal rights for our most vulnerable student populations, including our Muslim, LBGT and immigrant students, specifically within schools

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Facilitator Script | Current Events | YES Prep 2016

This is a facilitator script for discussion current events with students from YES Prep.


What Do We Tell The Children | East End’s Election Outcome Response

This email was sent out by YES Prep School Directors to staff. There are key messages, an action plan, and other resources for facilitating discussion with students and helping students process.


Classroom resources on bias.

Educators at the Hiawatha Academies help students recognize and respond to bias against immigrants, Muslims and Sikhs. Visit their website for information about their Community Healing Forum and see their statement reaffirming their commitment to multi-culturalism


Help for Immigrant Families Post-Election

A new resource from the Immigration Legal Resource Center. It includes advice on talking to parents and families, links to legal help, recommendations for ways to support families, and case studies. One piece of advice worth highlighting, “Undocumented immigrants may be hesitant or fearful to come to a public event intended only for immigrants without legal status. Therefore, make sure the event is welcoming to all families who are interested in immigration updates. U.S. citizen families may attend to educate themselves and pass on information to their immigrant friends and neighbors.”


Preparing the School Employee, Employer, and Student for Immigration Enforcement Actions

By the NSBA Council of School Attorneys, the guide offers immigration compliance issues, issues during an immigration investigation or an ICE raid and how to prepare for immigration enforcement actions as employers and educators.


Legal Issues for School Districts Related to the Education of Undocumented Children

Created by NSBA and NEA in 2009, includes helpful answers to legal questions.


Campuses as Safe Zones Resolution | LAUSD 2016

Resolution passed by LAUSD establishing LAUSD as a sanctuary district.


Barring collaboration with ICE

This is a sample resolution to bar information sharing and collaboration with ICE with accompanying legal language.


Legal Language

Resolution reaffirming rights to public education

Resolutions from Albuquerque Public Schools directing staff not to release student info and Anaheim Unified School District reaffirming the right to a public education


Resolution concerning unaccompanied migrant children

Durham Public Schools resolution expressing commitment to welcome unaccompanied children and support of providing services to children.


Model campus safe zones resolution

The attached Model Campus Safe Zones Resolution language was developed for K-12 school districts that are contemplating adopting protections for their immigrant students. School systems can tailor it to their own needs/priorities/politics. NILC recommends that any resolution contain language to address these critical issues:

  • Limiting the sharing of student and family information with federal immigration authorities
  • Restricting immigration agents’ access to campuses
  • Prohibiting campus security from collaborating with federal immigration authorities
  • Providing resources and information for immigrant students and their families


Model campus “safe zone” resolution for colleges and universities

The Model Campus Safe Zones Resolution language was developed for individual colleges/universities or college/university systems that are contemplating adopting protections for their immigrant students


Transgender Student Support Guidelines

Resource and guidance developed by Yes Prep Public Schools to support Transgender Students.


Board of Directors Resolution

Envision Education resolution affirming commitment and position that all students have a right to attend school, feel safe and protected regardless of background or immigration status. Also lays out steps schools will take to uphold students’ rights.


Policy on Regarding Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Students

District policies and guidelines for schools and district staff to create a culture where transgender and gender nonconforming students feel safe, supported, and fully included, and to meet each schools’ obligation to provide educational opportunities for all students.


Statement from CEO regarding DHS immigration enforcement action

Communication from PGCPS CEO Dr. Kevin M. Maxwell affirming that PGCPS will provide a high-quality education for all, regardless of immigration status.


Immigration Rights FAQs

Denver Public Schools FAQs regarding immigration status and commitment to protect students from discrimination and harassment

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Letter to Families

Letter from Envision Education CEO reaffirming values and notifying them of Board Resolution (English & Spanish)


Superintendent Communication Regarding Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Students

Communication from Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang stating that transgender and gender nonconforming students in BPS will remain protected from discrimination, bullying and harassment.


As immigration resurges, U.S. public schools help children find their footing

From the Washington Post


Thank you, all, for the work you are doing every day to safeguard our most vulnerable communities and all of our students every day.